Made in Germany

The quality factor has been our focus from the very beginning: Lightvate® was not only developed in Germany, but it is also manufactured in Germany. We have signed exclusive contracts with our suppliers, producers and refiners to ensure an uninterrupted, complete value-added chain and the high quality standard – from the individual threads to the completed Lightvate® high-visibility safety vest.

In addition, we also want to support the production facility in Germany and protect the jobs there. As you can see from the label, Lightvate® is a registered trademark. Additional trademark rights have been filed with the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA).

Exceptional luminosity

Easily detectable by day or night: Naturally, Lightvate® is a great success when it comes to its warning and protection function. We use an extra-thin reflective material for Lightvate® that is paired with an equally thin, bright yellow base material.

This exceptionally bright combination coupled with the highest reflective values ensures that the wearer is easily detected and thus optimally protected at any time of the day or night.

Certified safety, controlled quality

Trust, but verify: Lightvate® has not only been successfully certified according to the new EN ISO 20471:2013 (Class 2) standard, it also carries the "Controlled Quality" seal from a German automotive manufacturer. Therefore, Lightvate® meets important quality criteria in both the new and aged condition that go beyond the requirements stipulated by law.

Another special feature: During Lightvate® manufacturing, only those materials are used that meet the strict OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Thus you can be sure that Lightvate® does not emit any harmful substances into the car interior (fogging). Another important feature – especially when you are transporting the elderly, children or allergy sufferers in the car.

Intelligent packaging

Contrary to standard vests, our high-visibility safety vests are always tidy, space-saving and easy to locate when you need them ... regular safety vests, not so much. They are packaged in unsightly PE plastic bags, taking up important storage space in your car. They are put in glove compartments, centre consoles or other storage compartments. Unpacked vests can even end up on the rear window shelf or over the backrest.

When you look at modern automobiles with their increasingly high-quality, functional and "tidy" interiors, high-visibility safety vests are often an optical and functional disruptive influence. In addition, loose high-visibility safety vests are often soiled or damaged.

Worst case, their most important function is lost due to fading after only a few months, i.e. early recognition by other traffic participants during poor weather and restricted visibility.

Not so with Lightvate®. Our product, along with the instructions, is packaged in a high-quality case, which offers continuous, outstanding protection against soiling, damaging and fading. Thanks to its small dimensions (32 x 88 x 60 mm), it can easily be stored in the glove compartment. The Lightvate® case is also easy to distinguish from other objects and quickly found due to its special look and feel. Handling the case is also total uncomplicated: It opens and closes easily via both side walls and thus Lightvate® is also quickly removed and then stored back away.

Small, light, different

Lightvate® is unlike any of the millions of high-visibility safety vests available today. Lightvate® is an innovative and unique high-tech product. We developed a new type of extremely light material combination for it (a hybrid).


Let us make a believer of you: It is high-strength and thus extremely durable, and it doesn't need bindings. In addition, the seams are also reduced to an absolute minimum.

With a weight of only 87 g, Lightvate® is sensationally lightweight (easily 30% lighter than conventional high-visibility safety vests). Thanks to the combination of an extremely thin, bright yellow base material and thermo-active reflective stripes, Lightvate® can be folded up into a slim 32 x 88 x 60 mm. When designing our Lightvate®, we intentionally left out sewn-on fabric or textile tags: All required product information is printed on the base material in an easy-to-read, indelible manner.